Fr. Marshall D. Moran SJ

The Society of Jesus founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540, has been active in the field of education throughout the world since its inception. In the late 1930s, the superior of the Jesuit Patna Mission, Fr. Frank Loesch, was approached to set up a school in the city of Patna. Fr. Loesch was to be assisted in this task by Fr. Marshall D. Moran. Fr. Loesch decided to open a Cambridge school to provide service to the people of Patna and Bihar.

Fr. Edward Niesen SJ

There were other such Jesuit schools in North India in places like Calcutta and Darjeeling, including one of the oldest ventures in Patna – the Irish Christian Brother's St Michael's High School. But most of these schools provided education to the children of Catholics, British expatriates and Anglo-Indians. The new school in Patna was to be for Indians of all castes and creeds.

St Xavier’s High School, Patna Old Building (Since-1940)

Fr. Gordon E Murphy SJ

St. Xavier's High School opened on 17 January 1940 with Fr. Moran as its first Principal. In 1949, the vice-chancellor of Patna University asked Fr Moran, who also served on the senate of the university, to supervise exams in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Fr. Joseph Paschal, SJ

In October 1949, Fr Moran crossed into Nepal to become the first Jesuit priest to enter the country in over 200 years.
Later he was invited by the Nepalese Government to open a Jesuit school in Nepal.

Fr. Scaria Mamootil SJ
[1972 -1978]

Fr Moran went on to establish St. Xavier's School, Godavari, Nepal in 1951.

Fr. George Manimala SJ

After Fr Moran left for Nepal, Fr. Edward Niesen became Principal of St. Xavier's, Patna.
In 1953, Fr. Niesen also moved to Nepal and the leadership of the school was passed on to Fr. Gordon E Murphy,
S.J., who served as Principal of the school for nearly 16 years.
The curriculum set out by Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) was adopted in place of Senior Cambridge Examinations.
In the early 1980s a small computer lab with BBC Microcomputers was set up under the supervision of Fr Tim Ribeiro. In 1995, Xavier's Centre for Computer Studies was established within the campus.

Fr. Lawrence Pascal SJ

After being a boys-only school for 59 years, in 1999 St. Xavier's became co-educational, one year at a time beginning with grade one.
That same year, under the administration of Fr. Peter Arockiasamy, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) was introduced as an alternate course for students preferring the English medium education. Today ICSE and Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) courses run simultaneously. That same year St. Xavier's High School celebrated Diamond Jubilee. In 2008, under principal Fr. George Nedumattam S.J., +2 was introduced in the BSEB course. In 2009, St Xavier's switched from Hindi to English as the medium of instruction in junior classes. In 2013 Lower Kindergarten (L.K.G.) was added.

  • Fr. T.M. Joseph SJ

  • Fr. Peter B. Arockiyasamay SJ

  • Fr. Victor Osta SJ

  • Fr. George Nedumattam SJ

  • Fr. Jacob Olickathotty SJ
    [May 2013 – March 2018]

  • Fr. A. Christu Savarirajan SJ
    [April 2018 – Present]

St Xavier’s High School, Patna (New Building).

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