• Regular attendance is a key requisite for all students of St. Xavier's. A student should have a minimum of 75% of class day's attendance (Examination Board Rule) failing which the student may not receive promotion to the next level. In such cases, such students would have to repeat in the same class or be withdrawn.
  • No pupil may absent himself/herself without obtaining leave previously, in writing. If for any reason, a student is absent without prior permission, on his/her return he/she must submit a letter from his/her parent/guardian, stating the reason for the absence and obtain permission from the principal or the vice principal before entering the class.
  • In all cases of absence, the parent/guardian should make an entry in the student's diary on the appropriate page marked 'Non Attendance and Leave Record".
  • For cases of absence for one or two days a student may get the record in the diary signed by the Class Teacher. But in cases of absence of three or more days, along with the diary entry, an application stating the reason for absence signed by the parent/guardian and counter-signed by principal or vice principal must be submitted to the Class Teacher on joining the class. Absence of three or more days on medical grounds must be confirmed by a copy of medical certificate along with the application.
  • Absence without leave inevitably invites disciplinary action at the discretion of the principal or vice principal.
  • All are expected to attend school on the re-opening day after each vacation period.
  • Students are allowed a maximum of 20 days of absence during an academic year. If a student takes more than 20 days leave, an absence fine of Rs. 20/- per day will have to be submitted to the class teacher (who will submit the details to the principal at the end of each month) and duly mention in the non-attendance record page of the diary at each occurrence. Any exceptional cases must be cleared by the principal or the vice principal.
  • Repeated absence without leave, or unexplained absence - if absent continuously without any information - for more than 10 working days, will be considered as the student's own decision to leave the school and such student's name will be struck off from the rolls.
  • Habitual idleness, disobedience, bad conduct or sickness which is liable to be injurious to other pupils, etc. can lead to the dismissal of such a student.
  • No refund of any sort like fees, etc. - will be given to those students who leave the school or who are dismissed or whose names have been deleted from the rolls.
  • A student who is sent away from school or whose name is struck off the rolls is, as a rule, will not be readmitted. If, due to any special consideration at the discretion of the principal, a student is readmitted, he/she will have to pay the readmission fee.
  • Before withdrawing a student, a written application is to be given to the school and the current term's fee and all other dues are to be paid. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all dues to the school have been paid in full and clearance has been obtained from the concerned in-charges like the Treasurer, Librarian, Lab-in-charge, etc.
  • For the issue of Transfer Certificate, an application for the same must be submitted to the office together with clearance of all dues at least 3 days in advance.

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