St. Xavier's High School is a Minority Institution and hence the management has the right to admit and retain students in this school according to its policy, in conformity with the provisions and instructions issued by the appropriate authority from time to time (A right granted by the constitution of India and upheld by the Supreme Court of India in the context of RTE).

  • Boys and girls are admitted only to LKG of St Xavier's KidZone. Students between the age limit of 4 years to 4 years 6 months only are eligible for admission in LKG.
  • In case of casual vacancies in any other class, information regarding its process will be given in April after the beginning of the new academic session
  • Admission is taken only at the beginning of the academic session. There is no admission in between the academic session after the admission process is officially closed.
  • The whole information and process of admission are done online through the website ( of the school. All candidates applying for admission are subject to a process of selection.
  • A candidate for admission, who has attended a recognized school, cannot enter without the School Leaving or Transfer Certificate from the school last attended. Date of birth cannot be changed once the child has been admitted to the school.
  • Parents and guardians are warned that admissions are made strictly according to the guidelines prescribed by the Governing Body of the School.
  • Any pressure for admission by offer of donation, letter of recommendation or influence of any nature will automatically disqualify the candidate for admission to any standard.
  • Admissions are done solely by the Management, based on the overall merit of the applicant. Furthermore, no individual connected with the school or otherwise is authorized to accept any emoluments in lieu of admission.

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